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The Ultimate Wedding To-do List

bride to be wedding dress flowers

It’s OK to feel overwhelmed. There’s a massive amount of pressure for everything to go perfectly, and if you’re anxious you’ll probably feel that pressure even more intensely.

After months of planning – the time for the big day is almost here and before you know it you’re waking up on your wedding day nervous and excited! There are people coming and going, you’ve a proper schedule to stick to with some last-minute tasks and combined with so many mix emotions, becoming overwhelming is easy. But don’t worry – we’ve thought of it all. Just follow our grand to-do-list for brides-to-be and we promise you that you’ll be walking into the arms of your partner feel as passionate and gorgeous as ever with a wedding that’s so fun, relaxing, chilled out and well-planned.

1. Get the gown of your dreams ready beforehand

We know how stressful it is to find the perfect wedding dress. After all, it’s something you probably haven’t ever tried on before and can literally make or break your big day like no other so we understand the pressure.

With all the eyes hooked to you, it’s important you remember the tone of your wedding while choosing your enthralling dress- is it a casual beach bash or a regal ballroom affair?  With so many beautiful cuts and designs (sheath, A-line, fit n flare, organza, tulle and so much more) ruling the market, know what suits you best and complements you inside out. Take ideas from celebrity brides and look for a linking theme- is everyone donning something voluminous? Lacy? Embellished with open backs? Grab what’s true to your size and defines flawless for you whether it’s a royal princess ball gown or a vava-voom sheath gown that highlights your groovy curves. Don’t forget to feel confident ladies – as long as it’s something that allows you to easily float on the dance floor, brings out the bridal glow in you and is exciting enough to let the photographer capture your most precious moments with pure magic, you’re can surely pull off just about any luxurious style and design. 

Whether you wish to feel beautiful, glamorous and romantic or feel vintage and classic, remember – the best bridal outfit is one that that’ll make you fall in love with it today, on the wedding day and in 20 years from now.

perfect wedding dress gown

2. Get the bridesmaids ready

First of all – congrats to all bridesmaids, it truly is the most wonderful feeling ever. Now that you’re done with your dream wedding dress, time to start on another shopping journey – the quest for the impeccable bridesmaid dress. Ask them about the style and cuts that emphasizes on their finest bits and work around those as per your budget. Also remember to play off the season, venue and color schemes. Is your wedding organized at a rustic vineyard with lavish burgundy décor? Hot pink bridesmaid dresses are your best bet then. Rich hues like emerald and marsala work perfect for the fall whilst lighter colors like lavender and mint are flawless for spring.  Another amazing idea is so pick shades from a darker to lighter shades for a contemporary and so vivacious feel. Or go for an all-white wedding party for a look that’s so chic and crisp with plush fresh flower tiaras for added luxe.

bridesmaids bride dresses

3. Test drive your full look including jewelry and shoes

Practice walking down the aisle and ensure everything looks exquisite and feel comfortable.

4. Meet with you day-off coordinator or planner

Have a final meeting at least a week before the day and go over any last minute details.

5. Have a proper skincare routine and good diet

Get proper manicures and pedicures and maintain a nice everyday skin care routine (including monthly facials from the salon once the date finalizes) so your makeup settles in perfectly and your assets shimmer even more. Drink lots of water every day and follow a healthy diet for the perfect skin.

wedding day manicure bridal robe

6. Schedule

Give your vendors a quick call a few days before the wedding and confirm their arrival time.
This includes the caterers and of course makeup and hair team that you booked.

7. Have your post-ceremony escape route prepared

Get the car decorated for a divine experience with nice flowers and an extravagant logo of your names.

wedding car married couple

8. Confirm who's giving a special toast

Check with whoever’s reading out a little something for you and your better half and let them know the best time frame for this.

9. Practise your wedding vows

Do it out loud in front of a mirror till you feel calm and confident.
We love wedding vows written by the couple themselves as they are filled with so much compassion and enchanting feels.

10. Handover your ultimate shot list to the photographer

Ask your photographer to capture those little details that you worked so hard to plan, such as invitations, table setting, bouquets, your dress and accessories, and more. If you and your bridesmaids bought  matching robes, you should have some fun photos of you all together while having a glass of champagne.You can also go for a glitzy photo booth or selfie spot for added charm. A close family member could help check in regularly with the photographer on the big day. 

matching bridal robe bridesmaids champagne

11. Fill your wedding day clutch

Put in it essential makeup, a tiny perfume bottle and mouth freshener’s 😉 Ask your bridesmaids’ help for any quick touchups and setting your wedding gown in place when you sit.

12. Assign someone to collect the gifts

Any wedding gifts brought by the guests, card boxes and any decors you wish to keep and take home should be in good hands.

13. Finalize the seating arrangement

Make sure to send a copy of the seating charts to those who need it like the designated bridesmaid, photographer and wedding planner. You can also print out pretty place cards for the tables.

wedding table setting arrangement

14. Thank you cards

Package up nice presents for the bridal party with customized cards to thanks them for all their support.

15. Honeymoon

Pack the honeymoon or wedding week getaway bag beforehand.

Lastly, don’t forget to eat and have plenty of sleep the day before. It’s your day so you have to own it with cheerfulness and stay as flexible as you can during the final countdown. Just go with the flow even if any last minute tweaks come up and keep your final goal in mind every time – to get married.