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Bridal Shower Ideas 101: How to Arrange a Bridal Shower in 2019

bridal shower boho picnic table setting

Putting together bridal shower ideas is never easy, especially when organised last minute. However, we put together the 4 points you should follow for a great and relaxed venue.

But first, let me make you dream a bit…

A man down on one knee on a starlit night with a glimmering ring in one hand and your hand in another, your heart beating fast because you know what he is about to say next is going to topple your world upside down.

It is going to change everything. It is going to be the night. The night you will remember for all the years to come as the wife of the man you have secretly adored and loved for as long as you can remember. 

With a little hesitation, you utter the word ‘yes’, while you are still in awe of what just happened there are celebrations all around. Little did you know that this proposal had been in pipes for months, thanks to your best friend – who has invited all your close friends and family members to witness this sweet proposal? 

The next thing you know is you and your best friends are sitting together deciding on your bridal shower guest list and the theme that should be followed. To make it a lot easier, we have got the perfectly aligned set of instructions which can help you throw an amazing bridal shower party.

1. Bridal Shower Ideas: The Venue

When gathering bridal shower ideas, the most obvious question that would come to your mind is: where are we going to celebrate?

Since bridal showers are an extremely private affair, we suggest that you use your garden or backyard as the venue. We recommend backyards for many reasons:

– There is no place as comfortable as your own home.

– You will not have to travel to another place; hence you will be saving a lot of time and hassle that you couldn’t have otherwise.

– Saves money that you can surely invest in your wedding day arrangements.

bridal shower boho picnic

2. Bridal Shower Ideas: The Décor

Now, this is the crucial part; either you make it or break it here. Although Pinterest is an amazing place to get inspiration from, however not all ideas presented there are practical if you do a nine to five job with student loans till being one of your expenses.

So go for an upcycle theme instead. Here is what you can do:

– Think of a theme beforehand; this includes the colour, the era you will be replicating for the day, and also the dress code if there is any.

– Once colours are decided, opt for all the things you can easily get at your home. The picnic tables provide a nice rustic look and are also a practical option when it comes to décor such as placing the centrepieces, placing a runner and obviously the cake.

– No need to go all fancy by using real flowers for tiaras or backdrops or even centrepiece! Trust us on this, using paper made flowers can cut down on a lot of expenses and they are everlasting (read: also reusable).

– Get a bride to be sash for the bride, because that is one thing that you can afford to spend your hard earned money on.

– For the most favourite part, a photo booth – you can always simply use crepe paper runners for creating that perfect cascade backdrop. Old luggage bags or briefcases can also be added as props for your photo booth for the perfectly curated vintage look.  Use free printable available online to make props and use them to add more colour to your pictures.

bridal shower table settings

3. Bridal Shower Ideas: The Food

No get together is complete without food. Since only a few friends and close family members are invited – we urge you to prepare everything at home.

Or better, go for something that you prepare fresh when everybody is there like a barbecue steak, hamburgers and the like.

This might sound like a very odd idea for a bridal shower but this adds to the value and quality of time you can spend making memories with your loved ones before you get into the new role of Mrs.

bridal shower food platter

4. Bridal Shower Ideas: The Activities

Make the bride feel loved and cherished this evening as all her friends shower her with gifts. Create a soothing spa spot using pebble stones and scented candles by the pool.

If you don’t have a pool, no need to worry you can always get an artificial one or use a one that kids use and hop in!
Dress up in robes instead of fancy dresses, and relax inside during the day if it’s hot.

Play a movie that you all have watched before and loved it equally.
Board games are also a great idea:

– Play Jenga by dividing yourselves in a pair
– Never have I ever
– Dress the bride in toilet paper dress
– Musical chair

The choices are endless.
With that we come to the end of our bridal shower to – do list. We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this effort to bring you an on budget party to remember for all times to come.

bridal shower game