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The Perfect Bridal Robe for your
Wedding Morning

bridal robe floral lace detail rayon cotton
Dafne Collection - Lace Cotton Bridal Robe - White Diamond

The big day has finally arrived. The first thing you will probably do is staring at your dress in your bedroom for a while, thinking that today your life will change forever. To get your stress level under control, just have a shower, put your bridal robe on, and wait for your bridesmaids to come. Getting-ready together will help you manage your emotions.

So how the wedding morning will be at the bride’s home? In one word, chaos 🙂 but don’t worry; I got you covered!

You will undoubtedly wake up early and start checking that everything is in place. You want every detail to be perfect, and it will be. First of all, start thinking that in a couple of hours you will be married to the love of your life. So here it is your most important task of the day: get to the altar, full of confidence and happiness. 

Secondly, you will delegate (please do it) to a member – or more – of your bridal party some tasks because you are the bride, not the wedding planner of your wedding, right? Your planning job is now finished. You, the bride to be, will be at the centre of everyone’s attention so enjoy every moment!

Most importantly, you need to be the most beautiful woman on earth.

The pre-wedding moments are full of joy and excitement as the wedding itself. A beautiful bridal robe is the right accessory to wear on your wedding morning, especially if your bridal party will wear bridesmaid robes too while you are getting ready together. Bridal robes are the perfect gift to say thank you to your best friends for being part of this fantastic journey. Bellissima offers a wide range of bridesmaid robes ideal for any wedding theme. For my wedding, I’ve chosen a gorgeous full lace robe: it was so romantic and luxurious, and every time I wear it I feel instantly beautiful.

Many things will happen on your wedding morning, there will be laughs and tear, and you will remember every single moment for the rest of your life. Let your photographer capture all the behind-the-scenes instants during your preparation. Wearing a bridal robe is the most fabulous way to show your feminine beauty in front of the camera so don’t be shy.

We have selected 8 Bridal Robes, perfect for your getting-ready photos on your wedding morning. What’s your favourite?

This luscious white silky robe boasting delicate laces on hem and sleeves is a timeless unique robe. Its softness can complement your groovy curves and can be easily worn after the wedding. Dorotea collection offers bridesmaid robes in three different colour: pink, blue and grey.

Dorotea Collection - Silky Lace Bridal Robe - White Diamond

A vava-voom long lace wrap gown is sure to make your getting-ready photos special. You will feels so exquisite from head to toe! Furthermore, Artemide with its embroidered laces is the perfect addition to your honeymoon outfit: it will be fabulous while enjoying the beautiful sunset and sceneries in the terrace of your grand or by the beach on a table decorated with some candles, fairy lights, delicious food and of course generous amounts of red roses and wine.

Artemide Full Lace Bridal Robe

Have you booked a hotel that’s so opulent, amazingly posh, dramatic and furnished with lovely antique furniture? If this will be the set of your wedding morning, this elegant bridal robe is your best bet for an all-the-more heavenly feel in the room. Let Luce bridal robe shine with its delicate floral laces on shoulders and sleeves.

bridal silky lace robe
Luce Silk Bridal Robe

Sheer back and sleeves with a shorter hem are an ultra-feminine and beautiful choice that you’ll wish to wear throughout your wedding morning. Flora is our exclusive robe made from a detailed floral lace, combined with a soft bohemian feel. Simply stunning. Also, it is the perfect beach-honeymoon-look. 

Flora Full Lace Bridal Robe

A plush robe this racy is just what you need to rock the wedding morning with charm. This full-length version is absolutely amazing for your first photoshoot of the day. Its delicate floral lace, make Flora the perfect getting ready robe.

Flora Full Lace Maxi Bridal Robe

6. Isotta Floral Silky Robe

Vibrant robes with shimmering floral accents are spot on for a spring wedding and are sure to highlight your best bits. Isotta is available in two colours, blue and champagne, for your bridesmaids. Dress up your flower girls too: Bellissima offers floral robes for girls aged 4, 8 and 12 years old.


A gorgeous robe with an amazing lace design, a sumptuous front open cut with a posh tie-up for the honeymoon? That’s right ladies! Classic and romantic, this bridal robe drapes any body shape beautifully. Getting ready photos wearing Alma will be by far the most gorgeous shots you’ll never ever get in your life. Don’t be shy, babe. Time to show your femininity…

Alma Full Lace Bridal Robe

A glitzy casual robe in a lovely lightweight rayon cotton fabric is perfect for mountain vistas, sand sugar beaches. Delicate floral lace trims make it very elegant and romantic. Dafne Bridesmaid Robes include 4 different colours: pink, grey, blue, and rosewood pink.

Dafne Lace Cotton Bridal Robe

As a result, you will be amazing wearing any bridal robe mentioned above. If you love laces like me go ahead with Artemide, Alma and Flora. In contrast, if you like to wear something more simple and genuine then go with Isotta, Luce and Dorotea. But if you are willing to use it for the rest of your morning lol well Dafne is the right one for you!